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Basic Facts

Pyrethrum is a plant extract with a phenomenal insecticide effect which is gained from Tanacetum cinerariaefolium (syn.: Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium), a species from the group of chrysanthemum types.

Pyrethrum plants have special requirements to soil and climatic conditions, which is why they are mainly cultivated in East Africa, Australia and China.

The cultivation and the effect of pyrethrum has been well-known since centuries. The original starting point was China. Also Dalmatia on the Balkans has become known as a growing area before a widespread distribution took place.

The insecticide effect of the plant extract natural Pyrethrum is based on the so called Pyrethrins.

These Pyrethrins are composed out of groups of six organic esters, Pyrethrin I and II, Cinerin I and II, Jasmolin I and II, while the two most important ones are Pyrethrin I and II.

Thus Pyrethrum extract combines many outstanding characteristics in one single active substance. It has a very wide broad spectrum against a great number of harmful insects like they occur in the outdoor plant cultivation, from stored product pests to the known hygiene pests and nuisance pests.

This broad action spectrum is complemented by the unique extremely fast knock-down effect with killing action and the irritating potential which entails a very good flushing-out effect.

Last but not least the active substance is decomposed quickly by UV light, air and humidity and so does not show any persistence.

This last mentioned property and also the plant origin are the reasons why it is possible to use the active substance also in organic farming.

Structural Formula:

Pyrethrin I        R1 -CH=CH2          R  -CH3
Pyrethrin ll       R1 -CH=CH2          R -CO2CH3
Cinerin I            R1 -CH3                  R -CH3
Cinerin ll           R1-CH3                   R -CO2CH3
Jasmolin I         R1 -CH2-CH3        R -CH3
Jasmolin ll        R1 -CH2-CH3        R -CO2CH3