Kenya Pyrethrum Information Company GmbH & Co. KG

Article 95 - pyrethrum

Dec. 2018

We want to point out to you a status quo of the current situation of the active substance registration on the basis of our dossiers.

In the field of plant protection (1107/2009) we have successfully submitted the data required by the authorities (confirmatory data) to level 1 in April 2014 and will also cope the 2nd barrier of confirmatory data by 31st December 2015, so the listing of the active substance is still secured. Furthermore, we are already working on the authorization renewal for the active substance, so that there is a reliable data base for the coming years.

On the biocides level (528/2012) we have submitted all the necessary data for the evaluation and approval of the active substance and expect the corresponding authorization in the 2nd quarter of 2016 at the latest.

Regardless the still under process approval situation our active substance is already listed under Article 95, so that you have a reliable partner and a trusted source for the purchase of your active substance from September 2015, as from this date active substances only can be sourced from suppliers that are Article 95-listed.

KPIC has decided to forward the above described process with all his strength also in the future. Particularly important for our customers -and thus for KPIC- is the already earlier mentioned month of September this year, as there has to be defined a supply relationship between KPIC and you from this time. Of course, we are very willing to provide you, if necessary, the needed evidence (Letter of Supply or Letter of Access) in order to give you a reliable basis for your product registrations also in the future. However, the prerequisite for this is that KPIC has knowledge about the origin of the active substance used by you, because only KPIC is entitled to issue you such indicator paper.

It makes no difference whether you obtain the active substance by a third party or directly from KPIC. Of course, you are free to obtain pyrethrum by a distributer authorized by us. Therefore we ask you with this letter of today┬┤s date, to contact us as quickly as possible to agree on how the basis of our future cooperation might look like. We are prepared to individual and flexible solutions that comply with all of your and our interests equally.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that we have done everything in our power to supply you reliably with natural pyrethrum prospectively. A reliable disposition of our stocks is only possible if you inform us as soon as possible and in detail about your plans regarding the next 12 months. On this basis we would like to discuss with you the conclusion of a corresponding supplier relationship.

Due to some technical difficulties concerning our individualized email addresses and our phone system, you can reach us easiest as follows:

tel.                  +49 4321 9872-16

We look forward to you taking contact with us.