Kenya Pyrethrum Information Company GmbH & Co. KG

Raw material and active ingredient data package of Pyrethrum

Dec. 2018

After some months of uncertainty we would like to inform you about the current development status of the raw material and active ingredient data package of Pyrethrum.

First of all the good news: the Kenya Pyrethrum Information Centre (KPIC) will be able to fulfil you requirements in every respect also in the years lying before us. This applies especially to the active ingredient dossiers.

Pyrethrins plant protection

On 01/09/2009 during the EU process for active ingredients the active ingredient pyrethrins (natural pyrethrum) was included into Annex I of Directive 91/414/EEC which has been replaced by the successor regulation EC 1107/2009.

In order to keep the active ingredient pyrethrins in the list of registered active ingredients and consequently to maintain all registered product authorisations, we took all possible steps to fulfil the requirements of the implementing provision 798/2013 (confirmatory data).

The data demanded by the Commission in a two step process were presented in due time for the first date (31/03/2014). For the second step end 2015 the requested documents are being prepared so that also for this date all requirements regarding the data package will be presented in due time so as to safeguard the active ingredient and all product registrations connected with it in Europe.


For the biocide process PT 18/insecticides (98/8/EC resp. successor regulation EC/528/2012) the active ingredient is the last phase of the evaluation procedure by the RMS Spain. Also in this process all possible efforts were made to fulfil the data requirements in the EU process so that a  positive statement of the Agency (ECHA) and thus the inclusion into the positive list of active ingredients can be expected within short.

As you can see, we have made substantial investments in the immediate past and at the same time have established the basis to master the registration process also in the future. Please feel free to contact us any time if we can do anything for you in this respect. This applies to existing LoA's as well as to your future investment plans. Please also contact us if you are interested in sample formulations for the biocide authorisation process in your country. Also here we can offer numerous attractive options.

Concerning the availability of the raw material we would like to ask you to let us know your future demand as soon as possible. On this basis we will check if and when we will be able to carry out the delivery. We would like to thank you in advance already for your efforts.

You can reach us - as usual - under the telephone number known to you or per e-mail (see "Contact").